Another hockey season... another country!

I can't believe it's already been five professional hockey seasons for Justin. We started dating in the first half of his last season of junior, so you could say time flies when you're having fun. I remember coming to the United Kingdom with my family when I was a teenager. I loved the accents, people and that everyone just wanted to have a good time and enjoy life. After our trip, I remember saying I hope I can live in the UK one day... well you could say my dream came true! I have been in the UK for a month and a half, Justin has been here for just over two months and we are settling in extremely well.

Since there is no language barrier this season, everything has been very simple for us to learn and adjust to. I thought driving on the opposite side of the road was going to be terrifying and extremely challenging. Turns out that when you HAVE to do something, you have no choice but to suck it up and get to work. Who would have thought, right? JB always tells me, "If you don't know which exit to take in the roundabout just keep going around." We received a few funny looks for doing this in the beginning but it kept Alexa the GPS from telling us she was re-routing.

We have an incredible group of friends here already. Justin really likes all of his teammates. There are lots of wives and girlfriends, which has made the move even easier for me. The atmosphere at the arena is lots of fun. The fans get very into the game and love to have a good time. The girls also always watch the away games together. Sometimes it's a little more wine and Jenga, than hockey watching though... if I'm being honest. We have had lots of fun going out with the team for karaoke night, backyard potlucks, and we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend, English Style at the Pub, which made us feel right at home.

Justin has managed to score four goals already this season! If you know this stay-at-home defenceman, that is quite a rare occurrence for him. One of my favourite parts of our relationship is that before Justin and I started dating, I knew basically nothing about hockey. I would watch the odd game here and there but that's it. Since we have been together for five hockey seasons now, I have begun to grasp some of the game. I like to think so anyways. Justin even says sometimes, "What more can I do out there?", "Anything you think I should do differently?" He knows I pretty much have always said, "Shoot the puck!" Well, the point of my story is that Justin is shooting the puck a lot more now and has managed to have quite a bit of success with it in the first month of the season!

I am hoping we come home with some British lingo. I try my best at the British accent every now and then, JB tells me it's not very good though. Can't blame a girl for trying! One of our favourite lines is when people ask if you "fancy" something. For example, "Fancy a pint?". This is one we will definitely use when we get home. We also love that instead of saying, "thank you" often people say "cheers". We try and say "cheers" as much as we can now. Just trying to fit in. The only thing I can't really get behind is no one here says, "How are you?" it's simply "You alright?"or "You okay?" Well I thought I just had terrible resting bitch face and everyone thought I looked like an angry person. One of the British girls explained to me that they are just asking, "How are you?" and the locals respond, "Yeah, thanks, you?" Like I mentioned, we are just trying to fit in so I am trying to get the, "Yeah, thanks, you?" line down without getting flustered or caught off guard when someone says, "You alright?". It will come in time, I know it!

We have been fortunate to have already had two visitors! One of my sorority sisters and one of my grade school friends. It was so much fun being tourists in Coventry with each of them and showing off our new home a little bit. Our friends from back home that Justin has played hockey with for several years, is currently playing in Manchester, England for the hockey season. Both of the boys' teams are on the road this weekend so his girlfriend is coming here to spend some time with me in Coventry. It's always nice to have friends and family from Winnipeg come and see us!

We have managed to go into London twice already and we are going again in a couple of weeks. I definitely love the big city, but for day-to-day living Coventry has felt like the perfect size for us. It is nice that we are living just an hour train ride away though. It makes the quick trips in and out simple and lots of fun.

Sending love and hugs to everyone back home! We miss you all. If you have any must do or see things for London, or England in general. Please send them my way! The hockey season seems to fly by and we want to take advantage of our time here.